Base insulated 110 foot Rohn
25G, Top hat loaded to 122 feet, electrical height. Guyed at 3 levels.Ground system: 120 radials, 130 feet long (1/4 wave) on 2 ¼ acres; also 5 driven 8 foot copper rods near tower base. Matching Network: Low pass "T-Net" with RF base current ammeter and static drain choke in weatherproof "Dog house" at tower base. Also lightning ball gap across base insulator. Tower fed with ¾" copper tubing; formed into a 10" diameter, 2 turn loop from bowl insulator on back of Doghouse. This is to help keep lightning out of the tuning network. Transmission line: '"1/2 inch. Andrew Jacketed foam Heliax; 145 feet from Transmitter RF Line Ammeter to input of T-Network in tuner house. A second lightning arrestor is installed in the line right before the outboard RF Line Current meter at the transmitter. T/R Switching: E.F. Johnson 4 kW Electronic T/R switch provides automatic T/R switching. (With plans to add a buried insulated loop in the back field with pre amp and coax feed back to the Receiver, is in the works). The antenna produces a calculated field strength of 109.7 mV/M at 1 mile with 375 watts RF power. The 1.7:1 VSWR bandwidth with no adjustment is 1844 - 1880 KHz.

Vern Jackson